Meet Kengo Hiromatsu – the most talented Japanese chef in South Wharf

Akachochin wouldn’t be the success it is today without our head chef Kengo. As South Wharf's Japanese cuisine expert, he delivers flavoursome delicacies that can only be described as edible works of art.

A Fukuoka native, Head Chef Kengo Hiromatsu knows all about combining Japanese tradition with the freshest ingredients. Did you know that in Tokyo, all Japanese chefs visit the famous Tsukiji markets from 3:00am to source the freshest and most delectable fish? At Akachochin, Kengo brings this same dedication to every dish he creates.

He successfully balances fresh ingredients and enticing flavours with exquisite modern presentation that is designed to impress every one of our dining guests.

Kengo leads a small, dedicated team along with the help of his Sous Chef, Hitoshi Yoshida. Working with the quiet dedication that accompanies any true food artist, the entire team works long hours to ensure that everything we put on your plate is never less than perfect.

Kengo Hiromatsu in Southbank
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