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The finest Japanese cuisine in South Wharf

How did we get our name?

We named ourselves after the red paper lanterns found hanging outside of izakayas, which are traditional Japanese dining places where the sake flows freely and diners take time to enjoy their food.

Akachochin invites you to come to South Wharf and explore some of the very best Japanese cuisine.

With passion for Japanese food and the desire to share this passion, we’ve created something truly unique.

Japanese food lovers

akachochin meet the kitchen

Every member of our team is dedicated to sharing our love of Japanese food at Akachochin. We welcome to pay us a visit as we transport you across the world to the stylish simplicity that comes with Japanese dining.  

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Relax and enjoy dining in our modern space whilst sampling examples of sushi, sashimi and Japanese cuisine. Whether you’ve chosen to enjoy our six course tasting menu or just a simple dinner, you won’t be disappointed.  


South Wharf's most experienced Japanese chef will create culinary wonders

At Akachochin, sit and watch our Japanese head chef and his team craft your dishes to perfection. You’ll be impressed with the skills, speed and creative precision that unfolds right in front of your eyes. Although sushi and sashimi might seem simple, there is a great deal of care that goes into each element from the precisely sliced and fish, to the subtly seasoned rice.

Our kitchen is where all of our simple yet stunning Japanese dishes are born, and we want to share the joy of Japanese cuisine with you. That’s why we have an open kitchen where you can see the devotion and skill that goes into creating each dish.  


Delight your taste buds with Japanese food from South Wharf's most popular Japanese restaurant


When you first step into Akachochin, expect to be greeted by our staff with a simultaneous ‘Irasshaimase.’ It is our traditional way of welcoming you to our Japanese restaurant, alerting all of our staff members that we have new diners to delight with our dishes. You’ll be taken care of by our friendly staff from the moment you brush past the red lanterns which line the front of our restaurant.

After we seat you at our marble laden sushi bar or at a private table overlooking the water, one of our friendly waiters will be ready and waiting to help you decide which dish will delight you most.


Book your Japanese cuisine experience in South Wharf's with the friendly Eriko Kono

All great Japanese restaurants need a professional venue manager and at Akachochin, we are proud to introduce Eriko Kono. Dedicated to giving all diners a culinary experience they’ll never forget, Eriko is a master at all she does.

Eriko has been living in Australia for over 15 years and has a passion for spreading the joy that comes with Japanese tradition. Having worked in some of Melbourne’s most popular Japanese restaurants including Nobu, Eriko has invaluable experience in leading our motivated team.

As a Yamanashi native, Eriko enjoys nothing more than bringing a taste of Japan to your table, and she will never send out dishes that aren’t on par with her high quality standards. She encourages every member of her small but well-trained team to take pride in producing a precise and informative service. 

With Eriko by their side, they mutually adore delivering beautiful creations with a taste of Japanese culture and tradition.

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